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The Effect of Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction on Employees’ Preparedness in the Face of Change in Tehran University of Medical Sciences

This study is aimed to investigate the role of organizational climate and job satisfaction on the readiness of staff for change at the University of Medical Sciences in Tehran. This was a descriptive survey which its population was included all employees of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. A sample of 124 people was randomly selected. In order to gather information, a standard questionnaire was used based on the Likert scale and the collected data was analyzed by PLS software. After testing the validity and reliability of questionnaire, the structural model has been used to investigating a dozen hypothesis proposed in the study, five was approved and five hypothesis is refuted. Also among three main hypotheses, 2 hypotheses were confirmed. The results showed that job satisfaction and organizational climate are affecting both the readiness of employees to change but job satisfaction had no significant effect on organizational climate. The study hypotheses were identified among the components of job satisfaction; job satisfaction, pay satisfaction and the satisfaction of managers are effective on employee readiness for change. And among the components of organizational climate, support and reward are effective on employee readiness for change. Keywords - organizational climate, job satisfaction, employee readiness for change, Tehran University of Medical Sciences