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The Process Of Supervising Doctoral Theses

A doctoral thesis is a doctoral student’s huge accomplishment, but hardly can be completed without a supervisor’s help and guidance. The presentation is based on my recently published scientic book Obsessed with Doctoral Theses. Supervision and Support during Dissertation Process (ed. Kaarina Määttä), published by Sense Publishers. It is a common fact that a doctoral thesis requires abundant work from the doctorate, but not all are aware of that the supervision of doctoral theses presents a world filled with concerns and doubt as well as effort and successes. A supervisor’s joy consists of many other feelings too: relief, when a doctoral student hands his or her newly printed doctoral thesis with beautiful binding or when the auditorium doors are closed after a successful dissertation. In order to achieve the favoring review statements, a supervisor and a doctorate have to work hard for years. What kinds of resources are needed from a supervisor’s point of view? What kinds of obstacles and accelerators does a supervisor confront during the process? What makes a supervisor supervise persistently and empathetically? What are the elements of good supervision? These questions are relevant in the process of supervising doctoral theses