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Study of Thermoelectric Properties in Thin (Sb1-xBix)2TE3films

Micro/Nano-powders of the chalcogenide (Sb1-xBix)2Te3system were synthesized by ball milling technique. The prepared powders were used as a source toproduce thin films with the aid of vacuum thermal evaporation technique. Crystal structure of the milled powders was studied using XRD and SEMtechniques, whilst the films grown films were investigated via SEM and AFM analysis. Thermoelectric properties of the deposited films were characterized in the framework of electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient measurements alongside with thermal conductivity (electronic part) calculations. Measurements showed quite high Seebeck coefficient and calculations revealed extremely low electronic thermal conductivity as a result of the quantum confinement effect. Keywords - Nano powders; Ball milling; Thin films; Electrical conductivity; Seebeckcoefficient