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Novel Approach to Evaluate the Employee Productivity Based on Mood Variations Employing Computer Vision Techniques

This Research proposes an approach that will help to evaluate the productivity of an employee based on his mood which can be determined on his facial expressions. A real time human face recognition automated system is adopted for automatic facial expressions recognition of individual employee. This system comes up with a solution to recognize the face and its expression i.e. Anger, Disgust, Fear, sadness, surprise and happiness at work, with the help of Support vector machine (SVM) technique/IBM Facial recognition/Embedded facial recognition system, which is best suited to this task because the high dimensionality of the Gabor representation does not affect training time for kernel classifiers, based on these expressions employee’s productivity is mapped and compared. The system allows the company administrator to evaluate the productivity of the employee which increases management efficiency. Keywords: Facial expressions, Computer Vision, Mood Variations, Employee Productivity, Support Vector machine.