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Vegetation Diversity of Black Alder Forests in El-Kala Biosphere Reserve and Surroundings, Northeast Algeria

The study carried out in 28 mainly black alder (Alnusglutinosa (L.) Gaertn.) forests in El-Kala Biosphere Reserve (KBR), situated in coastal region in El-Tarf province Northeastern Algeria. Floristic data were collected between January 2016 and February 2017 and completed with unpublished data from specialists and researchers who surveyed the study area in earlier periods.We define a total of 352 collected species belong to 236 genera and 89 families.The families with the highest species richness comprised Poaceae (35), Fabaceae (31), Cyperaceae (24), Asteraceae (23), Caryophyllaceae (13), Ranunculaceae (13), Lamiaceae (12), Brassicaceae (11), Juncaceae (11), Plantaginaceae (10), and Apiaceae (9) standing for 87.5% of the total collected species.Most of inventoried species were either Therophytes 126 (35.80%) or Hemicryptophytes 98 (27.84%) Among these species only 13(3%) were endemic to North Africa and two species were endemic to the study region, the other species were common species. Key words - Floristic Data;Alnusglutinosa; Coastal Region; Northeastern Algeria; North Africa