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Factor Analysis of Growth Rates and Biomechanical Variables to Snatch The Elite Weightlifters in Rio 2016

Purpose: This study aims to identify the simple factorial growth rates variables to lifting snatch by Rio 2016 Olympic lifters in different weight categories (77, 85, 94, 105 kg) in weightlifting. Identify the most important factors contributing to growth rates characterization derived biomechanical variables (kinematics, Kinetics ) of the quadrature and weight raised during the phase of the performance snatch lifting. Applied study on lifting snatch weightlifters participating in Rio 2016 Olympics in different weight categories (77, 85, 94, 105 kg), Sample search weightlifters lift Rio 2016 Olympics participants snatch in different weights categories, with average age of (25.18 ± 3.16 years), height (177.25 ± 10.59 cm) and weight (104.27 ± 35.26 kg). The researchers used descriptive Methods, Biomechanical Analysis, using Maxtraq on line Manual Version 5.5 for measured biomechanical variables performance tests for weightlifters ,The researchers used the SPSS software package on the statistical treatment of the data by using the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, vein, correlation coefficient of Pearson, simple correlation, factor analysis method of basic ingredients and method of perpendicular Altidore, Results, Key findings identified resulted in growth rates and biomechanical variables for weightlifters and raised weight to lift snatch weight categories (77, 85, 94, 105 kg) to lifters. Conclusions: These results must be taken into account by the coaches and weightlifters of the most important factors extracted from the factor analysis of growth rates and biomechanical variables for snatch of Olympic lifters Index Terms - Weightlifters, Snatch, growth rates, biomechanical variables, kinematics, kinetic