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Numerical Solution of First Order Stiff Odes By Modified Variable Step Block Backward Differentiation Formula Method

In this paper, variable step 2-point block backward differentiation formula (VS-BBDF) method are modified by increasing the value of step size to a factor of 1.8 and the proposed method is known as modified variable step block backward differentiation formula (MVS-BBDF). The formulation of this method is elaborated in this paper. The initial value problem (IVP) of first-order stiff Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) are solved using the proposed method. Then, the comparison of performance are made between the proposed method and the other two methods that used step sizes, 1.6 and 1.9. Therefore, the effect of solutions in terms of accuracy and total number of steps taken for computing the solutions can be determined by increasing the value of step size. Index Terms - Backward Differentiation Formulae, Block Backward Differentiation Formulae, Ordinary Differential Equations, Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations.