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Efficacy of Money Management among Bank Employees in Tandag City, Philippines

The idea of money management is developed to place the amount which individuals, firms and institutions spend on item that act no significant value of their living standard, long-term portfolios and asset business. This paper assesses the financial status among the bank employees in Tandag City, Philippines and determines the efficacy of their money management in terms of expenses, fixed assets and expenses planning. Guided with these principles, it employs a descriptive research design using a survey questionnaire to 100 bank employees. Results reveal that household bills and commitment to be paid is the respondents’ priority. Billings have been paid mostly by the partners, either husband or wife. Furthermore, they have current ordinary account which have more or less Php50,000 excluding any savings. It is also found out that cash is mainly used as a means to pay for food and day-to-day expenses, Php300,000 is spent in fixed asset and they plan ahead to make sure they have money to pay for their expenses. Keywords - Money Management, Expenses, Fixed Assets