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Insecurity: A Threat To Human Continuous Existence And Economic Development In Nigeria

Insecurity has become a hydra headed gigantic which security agents in Nigeria appear incapable of handling vis a vis its all-round manifestations like bombing, kidnapping/hostage taking, destruction of property, creation of fear, to mention but a few. This paper therefore examines the causes, government efforts at fostering peace as well as the effect of insecurity on human being and the nation economy. The study revealed that the power shift from the northern hegemony to a minority geo-political zone of South-south is currently on top in the list of issues that are instigating groups and individuals against the interests of the state. Other matters of concern include intra/inter-party rancour; porous boundaries; unemployment, jobs racketeering and illiteracy. This is targeted at minimally debunking the usual argument about religion being the major cause of insecurity in Nigeria. It is a known fact that insecurity is detrimental to general well being of the people with its resultant effects in the areas of illnesses; low life expectancy; low quality of life and even death. On the economy, insecurity has led to the destruction of business, properties and equipments; relocation and closing down of businesses. The study advocate that since Nigeria cannot be sold to private managers as usually can be done to public enterprises, the government should allow for dialogue through the convocation of a conference of ethnic and minority groups to fine-tune a more peaceful way-forward for Nigeria. The teaming unemployed youth should be trained under vocational and craft centres in order to reduce the rate of unemployment of the in the country. Keywords: Economic Development, Human continued existence and Insecurity.