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Analysis Of Squid (Loligo Edulis) Ink Liquid Extract As An Anti –Vibriosis Substance Against Vibrio Algynoliticus

In shrimp and fish culture V. alginolyticus is more frequently isolated from vibriosis sick grouper The high mortality in Tigers grouper hatchery as vibriosis cases need a way to overcome the other antibacterial products. Squid ink, as a squid waste product, which contains a variety of bioactive components in the form of a simple amine and paralyzing protein which is environmentally friendly was used as an anti vibriosis substance. The methods used in this research were: Phase I: Extraction of squid ink; Phase 2 Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Test (MIC) , Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) observation, and GC-MS chromatography test for the active ingredient; Phase 3 : in-vivo trials on squid ink extract against Vibrio in fish seeds. An experimental method with completely randomized design using three treatment doses of squid ink extract (365,5; 312,5; and 265,5 ppm) to treat the invected juvenile with V. algynoliticus, each with three replications was used. The conclusion of the research results were squid ink extract can be served as bactericidal for V. algynolyticus at a dose of 265.5 ppm. Squid ink contains 9-octadecenoic acids / oleic acids as an antibacterial agent. The Tiger grouper juvenile which has invected with V. algynoliticus reached 100 % survival rate after squid ink extraction treatment. Key words: Squid ink, V. alginoliticus, E. fascogutatus, survival rate.