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The Anti-Hypertensive Effect of Matricariachamomilla

Chamomile (Matricariachamomilla)was extracted using three methods the first one using alcohol extraction(extract 1), second one was oil extraction using water distillation method (extract 2) and after removal the oil the water lifted was dried using lyophilization (extract 3).The three extracts were tested for their activities as antihypertensive agents on normotensive and hypertensive rats. The investigated extracts exhibit anti-hypertensive activity to greater extent in induced hypertension rats. The activity of the extracts was more predominant in extract 3 than extracts1&2.The plant extracts showed no side effects on liver and kidney functions.Furthermore, in this study clinical applications on human volunteers were done using Chamomilebeverage at concentration (1,2 and 3 teaspoonful of chamomile powder in 250 ml hot water) showed very good hypertensive activity on both normal and mildly hypertensivehumans. The magnitude of response produced by the Chamomile beverages was higher in mildly hypertensive than in normotensive volunteers and its dose dependent, the more number of teaspoonful used the higher the anti-hypertensive activities produced (3 >2>1 teaspoonful/ 250 ml)).