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Comparison of Rolling Simples Models

This work is focused on the development of sheet rolling simple models. These models are fast inruntimeand open torecent advances in metal forming. The basic model is classic and based on slices method. In this context, Von Mises plasticity and plastic friction law (Coulomb, Tresca or NortonHoff) are used. Taking in consideration speeds (visco-plasticity) require another resolution scheme. The solution is obtained by the determination of the neutral point by shooting method. This model is one-dimensional model and its extension by taking into account the speed variation along the height is proposed. A two-dimensional model is obtained by mechanics fluid laws. The adimensionnal comparison of these two model'sgave different results. The final model takes into account the speed variation through the longitudinal and normal direction in the framework of mechanical fluid. Keywords- Behavior Laws, Friction Laws, Modeling, Rolling,