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Incidence of Airspora Over Soybean Field In Maharashtra State In India

In the atmosphere number of microscopic biocomponents are present called as ‘Air Spora’. The study of air spora is known as Aerobiology. In the present investigation the aeromycological survey was carried out over Soybean (Glycin maxMerill ) field for two kharif seasons. First season- 15th June 2013 to 10th October 2013 Second Season – 10th June 2014 to 5th October 2014. Air monitoring was carriedout using Tilak Continuous Air Sampler. Altoghether 57 Fungal types were identified out of which 01 belongs to Phycomycetes, 12 to Ascomycetes,04 to Basidiomycetes, 34 to Deuteromycetes and 06 to other types. In the air sporaCladosporiumSp was found to the dominant type. It was followd by Alternariasp. Curvularia sp. CercosporaspNigrosporaSp,Tarulasp and Helminthosporiumsp. This investigation is useful to understand pathogenic and non pathogenic fungal spores and disease forecasting system for treatment of Soybean and other crop diseases