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The Impacts Of Foreign Workers To Malaysian Tourism Sector

The popularity of Malaysia as an important tourism destination in Asia, has not only attracted many foreign tourists, but also induced the arrivals of foreign workers to come and look for jobs in various economic sectors including the Malaysian hospitality sector. The growth of Malaysian tourism especially after the successful Visit Malaysia Year campaigns of 1990 and 1994, has increased the demand for skilled workers to work in the hotel construction industry and to serve the hotels once they are completed. The shortage of trained personnel in the hospitality sector is caused by high and instant demand by the tourism sector and made worst by the fact that many Malaysian graduates of tourism and hospitality move abroad looking for greener pastures like in Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong. The drive to further reduce operating costs by the Malaysian hospitality industry has further fueled the need for professional foreign workers from nearby countries such Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan and others. This, measure, despite the fact that it supposed to be just a stop-gap action, is now irreversible. Instead of reducing the number of foreign workers, early 2016 sees a call for more foreign workers to be imported to serve in critical sectors such as the construction industry. This paper looks at the issues of the influx of foreign workers into Malaysian tourism and hospitality sector. Keywordsó Migration, Foreign Workers, Tourism.