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Factors Affecting The Japanese Tourist Behavior Towards Tourism In Bangkok

The aim of this study is studies about 1) individualís factors of Japanese touristís decision in Bangkok Area 2) Japanese touristís attitude that have decided to travel in Bangkok Area 3) Compare Japanese touristís attitude to make decision about tourism location in Thailand that different area. The subjects of this study were Japanese tourist who traveler in Bangkok between August to October 2014. The results show that Japanese tourist have opinion about factor to make decision tourism location in Bangkok is economics, geography, society, culture and technology in high level. Tourismís services and mass media in medium level to make decision to travel in Bangkok. The results that compare about Japanese touristís attitude those have different age, education, occupation and income which different group of tourism donít different in statistically significance at the 0.05 level. But the group which different education and occupation have different opinion about technology, service and mass media in statistically significance at the 0.05 level. Keywordsó Japanese tourist, Bangkok Area, attitude, factors of decision.