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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Challenges And Its Future In Indonesia

Enhanced oil recovery (eor) has been applied in oil field in Indonesiasince 1985. The steamflooding methodhas successfullyprolong an oil field life up to now. Steamflooding is the establish method to improve recovery of heavy oil in Duri Field. However, other method still under several stage such as field trials, pilot project, and works laboratory. This research present the method to improve oil recovery from mature fields. The method known as enhanced oil recovery. There are three stage to produce oil involving primary recovery, secondary recovery, and tertiary recovery or eor. Currently, majority an oil production under primary recovery (25.34 %) and secondary recovery (19.19 %) stage. Due to the low oil recovery from these methods, remaining oil in place in the reservoirs are huge (more than 50 billion barrel). Enhanced oil recovery is the best way to produce more oil from the mature fields. However, eor method consumesmuchtime and needsbig effort from initiation to implementation project in the oil fields. Enhanced oil recovery method categories involving thermal injection, chemical injection, gas injection, and other. These method has been applied either in fields pilot scale project or fields trial and eventhough in full project since several years ago. According to the results, there are several challenges to developeor method in Indonesia. First, the oil fields are in mature condition (high water cut, old facilities, depleted pressure, and lack of data). Second, eor method is requiring huge capital investment (capex or opex). Third, for chemical injection supply depends on imported chemical. Fourth, oil price affectthe eor implementation. Fifth, lack of eor expert due to numerous experts are working in overseas multinational oil company. However, based on previous research and studies, eor method such as gas injection and chemical injection are the most promising method in the near future. Unfortunatelly, steamflooding is favorable for heavy oil only. The oil accumulation is limited in Duri Field due to the steamflooding cannot spread to other fields. This research produced worth information particularly about challenges of eor method and the information is very crutial before initiation the eor project in the oil field. Keywordsó Steamflooding, Chemical Injection, Gas Injection, eor.