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Towards Sustainable Community- Based Tourism: A Case Of Homestay In Suratthani Province, Thailand

Despite the homestay business is currently a proliferating important sector in Thailand, unfortunately it remains disregarded especially in the domestic market, and also fails to meet the customers’ expectation of both domestic and foreign tourists. Moreover, from the pilot study survey, we found that the group members need a standard business management model for their community tourism to both meeting the requirement of provincial strategy and naking the business sustainable. Thus this paper aims to explore the implications of the current homestay business management through emphasize the significant of homestay capability building towards sustain the community-based tourism bydeveloping the causal chain from community resource accumulation to sustain the business in the long term development. The research methods are;in-depth interview with the village headman, the head of homestay founders, semi-structured interview with 5 homestay members, group discussion with 10 volunteer residents and questionnaire surveys with 27 domestic and foreign tourists to indicate the satisfaction. The result of this research also highlighted that the key-based factors to sustain the homestay business, 3 factors of tourism destination capability, 5 factors of sustainable homestay management and tourist satisfaction which are all considerably important in different aspects. Keywords- Community-Based Tourism, Homestay, Sustainable.