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Preparation Of Inverse Spinel Magnetite Graphene Oxide From Sugar For The Removal Of Pb (Ii) From Aqueous Solutions

The present study has been described about synthesis of Inverse Spinel Magnetite graphene oxide from sugar using an eco-friendly method. It is a simple and efficient method for magnetite graphene oxide preparation. FT-IR, XPS and XRD confirmed that the material is graphenic in nature. It effectively removes contaminants from water. Here, we used Pb(II) for this application. The batch adsorption studies conclude that the adsorption of Pb(II) was monolayer chemisorptions on the homogenous surface of Magnetite graphene oxide (MGO), subsequently follows pseudo-second-order kinetics. Finally the results concluded that the prepared MGO was easily recovery and re-usable for removal of heavy metals. The adsorbent was eco-friendly, cost-effective technique for the commercial water tenement. Keywords- Sugar based graphene oxide; Magnetic graphene oxide; Pb(II) removal; Adsorption.