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Synthesis, Characterization And Adsorption Properties Of Sugar Based Graphene Oxide: Removal Of U(Vi) From Aqueous Solutions (Sugar Based Graphene Oxide For The Removal Of U(Vi)

The present study has been described about synthesis of graphene oxide from sugar using an eco-friendly method. It is a simple and efficient method for graphene oxide preparation without using any chemical. A suitable methodology was introduced to preparation of graphene oxide without any chemicals. FT-IR confirmed that the material is indeed graphenic in nature. It effectively removes contaminants from water. Here, we use U(VI) for this application. The spectroscopic and microscopic analyses coupled with adsorption experiments revealed that chemical adsorption plays a dominant role in the adsorption process. Isotherm data in batch experiments show an adsorption capacity of 63.69 mg/g, which are superior to that of activated carbon. The adsorbent was eco-friendly, cost-effective technique for the commercial water tenement. Keywords- graphene, composites, adsorption, water purification, nanotechnology, environmental remediation