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Tolerance Tourism And Development: Konya Sample

Historically, Konya has carried all of its wealth while coming from Ikonion to day. It has historical roots having the characteristics of good examples ranging from Anatolia first settlement, Alacahöyük to Klistra and Hittitien civilizations. It has carried a lot of Seljukian and Ottoman magnificent figures because it had been the capital city of Seljuk’s and one of the splendid cities of Ottoman Empire. There are a lot of mosques, churches, madrasahs, caravansaraies and tombs. The geographical beauties of Konya are beyond our images. The green valley Ereğli with İvriz Relief,Beyşehir with its lake and historical ruins, Ilgın with thermals and Akşehir with Nasreddin Hodja call us to see them.