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The Awareness Of Pre-Travel Yellow Fever Vaccinations And Malaria Prophylaxis Among Imsiu Medical Students And Their Families In The Year 2012

The growth in ecotourism, studying abroad, medical tourism, mission work, and international disaster relief has expanded the need for travel vaccination and we couldnít find research about Traveler vaccination of Saudi citizens .so for the purpose of measuring the Saudi citizens background in this topic we distribute self-questioner in sample compose of 116 .the result was 88% of the answers was no to the question Did you take pre traveler vaccination. 84% said no about if they have read about the common disease in the country they plan to visit. 70 % consider the vaccine is not priority in there plan to travel and 69% donít know from where they can get vaccinated. so our recommendation is to establish educational program in form of posters ,TV ads, and internet ads and even some lecture in the university that the target people of it is Saudi citizens. We can also distribute education paper in the waiting room of the airport but this was a limitation. As conclusion you can see by this low percent of people knowing about this important topic there is huge lack of education and knowledge and poor reading about the country they plan to visit.