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Competency Development - A Protest for Specialist as Protocol for the Augmentation of Surveyor in Lao PDR

The competency development is contemplated as the central human resource notion of all country. This paper illustrates the reason for this scheme that the assimilation of competency development model into the Surveyor services in Lao PDR. A literature review was attended to determine competency development model factors that can support surveyors in sharp a competency training that values the excellent surveyors in Lao PDR. The result of finding raised that personal qualities, collection of data and measurement, development surveys, process field measurements, communication skill and control survey that can be produced together with competency development model factors of surveyors in Lao PDR. The six competency development factors argued follow that prototype perchance to advise the competency of surveyors in their struggles to amount the competency development of surveyors in Lao PDR method. Keywords - Competency, Human Resource Management, Surveyor, Lao PDR