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Communication Approach of Digital Alms Practice Through Financial Technology (Fintech) Platform in Indonesia case Study of Gopay “Sedekah Digital”

This study is directed to explain the communication approach of digital alms practice using financial technology in Indonesia. Based on World Giving Index 2018 from CAF (Charities Aid Foundation), Indonesia tops the world giving index for the first time ever. Meanwhile, digital alms practice in Indonesia reap the controversy whether it violates the usury law that has become profound believe in Islam. It creates the enigma within Islamic community due to prior successful practices that has not been legitimated by the Indonesian Ulema Council. As the alternative of sophisticated way to do charitable activity, digital alms provider has not been claiming its overall process is clear from indictment of islamic usury law. Thus, it cause to emerge the curiosity toward its overall communication approach toward islamic community across Indonesia. As the practice works on multiple layers in societies, the study focuses on how digital alms was communicated through the provider, the mosque, and how islamic community in Indonesia accepts it as usual practice. Common belief of alms itself underpin direct interaction from the giver to receiver, stating that there is no reliable assurance whether the alms is not being manipulated by the provider before it is given to the targeted party. Even though this innovation has penetrated Islamic community in massive way already, the existence of financial technology enables the possibilities of inaccuracies and disapproval to its process. Thus, because the practices has been established and widely spread, it becomes wholesome to structure the reason of acceptance from Islamic community toward this issue. The continuity of this phenomenon is forecasted as behavioral changes in alms and charity practice around Islamic community, moreover in Indonesian citizen. Keywords - Communication Approach, Digital Alms, Financial Technology, GO-PAY, Indonesia.