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Applying Automatic Ontology Generation Methods to Different Texts of Laws

In this article, we apply, to the best of our knowledge for the first time in the existing literature, a semantic automatic ontology extraction method for the comparison of several text of laws, namely Leviticus from Bible, Hammurabi Code of Law, United States Constitution, Nigeria and Japan Constitutions. We used for automatic generation of ontologies the tool Text2Onto. By running Text2Onto using the different text of laws we obtained the initial list of concepts for each of them. For our research, we took into account only the concepts with the highest grade of relevance. The relevance is a positive number with values between zero and one. Our final ontologies contain only those terms having the relevance score higher than a given threshold. The threshold was calculated by taking into account the corpus size and the domain of our ontology. Then, based on the generated ontologies, we provided the comparison among several text of laws that we used. Keywords - Semantic Analyses, Automatic Ontology Generation, Text of Law