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Effect of 8 Weeks of Aerobic Training on Serum Level of Visfatin and TNF-Α in Non-Athletic Young Women

Background - There are controversial reports about the effect of training on serum level of visfatin and TNF-α Cytokine. This study was done to evaluate the effect of 8 weeks of aerobic training onserum level of visfatin and TNF-α in non-athletic young women. Methods - In this quasi-experimental study, thirty non-athletic healthy women were non-randomly basedon the weight, height, BMI index and body fat percentage divided into two control and training groups. Inthe training group 8 weeks of aerobic exercise on a stationary bicycle 3 times a week was performed. Serum level of visfatin and TNF-α was measured using ELISA method, prior and at the end of 8th weekof training while the subjects were fasted for 12-14 hours. Results - At the end of 8 weeks of aerobic exercise, serum level of visfatin and TNF-αsignificantlyreduced in the training group in comparison with controls. Conclusion - Eight weeks of aerobic training reduces visfatin and TNF-α serum level in non-athletichealthy women. Keywords - Non-athletic young women, Aerobic training, Visfatin, TNF-α