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Yield and Quality of Milk in Dairy Cows Supplemented with Varying Levels of Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera)

Malunggay (Moringa oleifera) is a notable milk enhancer in humans, endemic and abundant in the Philippines. Its potentials as feed supplement to dairy cows was not well established. This study supplements different levels of malunggay in cow’s ration to assess yield,milk quality and profitability. Laid out in RCBD,nine Holstein-Jersey cows were supplemented with 0, one and two kg malunggay. A 70% to 96% increase in milk yield with nochanges in the milk’s protein, fat, lactose and solid non-fat were noted. Yield from cows supplemented with two kg malunggay consistently got the highest volume of milk within the 30 days feeding trial. Return above feed cost was higher (p<0.01) when cows were supplemented with 1-2 kg of malunggay implying that supplementation of malunggay increased milk production. Costs incurred per liter of milk produced ranged from PhP 16.52 to PhP 20.04, being cheaper by 14% to 17% with one to two kilograms of malunggay supplementation. It is safe to integrate one to two kilograms of malunggay in dairy cow rations because the higher the level of malunggay, the more milk was produced and the higher the returns become. Keywords - Malunggay, Milk Yield, Butterfat, Return Above Feed Cost, Dairy Cows