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Growth and Meat Quality of Native Chickens (Gallus Domesticus) Supplemented With Dried Vegetable Wastes

Vegetables are highly perishable making up the volume of wastes accumulating in wet markets and farms. Potentials of these farm and market wastes on the growth and meat of native chickens were evaluated. Basilan strain chickens were fed for 45 days with four experimental rations,0%, 10%, 20% and 30% dried vegetable wastes laid out in RCBD. Growth performance and meat quality were evaluated. Initial weight, feed consumption and average daily feed intake of the birds varies (p<0.01) due to their feeding habits, wherebigger birds consumed more. Final weight varies (p<.05) where bigger birds grow faster.Average daily gain, feed efficiencyand return above feed cost were comparable, implying that 30% dried vegetable wastes in theration can compensate with the performance of the birds fed commercial rations. Aroma, tenderness, taste, juiciness and water-holding capacity were comparable among treatments implying that the meat quality of the native chicken was not affected by feeding 10 to 30% dried vegetable wastes. Keywords - Native Chicken, Dried Vegetable Wastes, Average Daily Gain, Sensory Characteristics