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Graphic Design on Packaging to Promote the Products of Mahachai Market, Samutsakhon Province

This research of “Graphic design on packaging to promote the products of Mahachai Market,SamutSakhon Province” is to study and find graphic design guidelines on packaging by using the image of Mahachai Market presented through the product packaging of the market. Theresearch objectives are: 1. To study the image of Mahachai market,SamutSakhon Province 2. To study products that are the hallmark of Mahachai Market,SamutSakhon Province 3. To design graphics on the packing of Mahachai Market,SamutSakhon Province.Sample groupsare those who live in Mahachai or outsiders and tourists using a total of 50 people with the age of 20 and selected samples by accidentally sampling.The research found that 1. Obtained guidelines for graphic design on packaging that presents the image of Mahachai market,SamutSakhon Province. The sample group responded to thequestionnaire about taste,image and thought of fresh seafood and processed seafood with 68 percent 2. Obtain the famous products of Mahachai Market, SamutSakhon Province, including 74 percent fresh seafood,66 percent dry-salted mackerel, 54 percent fish dumplings,and 52 percent salted mackerel. The packaging bags of 50 percent are brought to make graphic design on the packaging 3. Obtain a graphic design on the packaging of Mahachai Market,SamutSakhon Province,using illustrations adapted from actual images with 75 percent, different colors casts 50 percent and simple characters 75 percent. Keywords - Graphic Design, Packaging, Image, Design