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The Development of Aroma Diffuser from Height Porosity Ceramics Body from Rice Husk Ash

Waste recycle is one of the interesting topic in both academia and industry. This research focuses on recycling the industry waste focus on rice husk ash to substitute as silica in the system of High porosity ceramic body for ceramic aroma diffuser souvenir. In this study, we used 11 point Biaxial Blendto verify the composition of ceramics body between rice husk ash and BannasanSurajathanee ball clay. All raw materials were ground, slip casting, and sintered at 1000, 1050, 1100 and 1150˚C for 2 hour. The test piecewere physical properties tested for firing shrinkage, water absorption, and porosity. The result shown the high volume of rice husk the lower firing shrinkage but high water absorption, and high porosity too. The test piece number 6 (50% rice husk ash and 50% of ball clay) sintered at 1000 ˚C were the best properties at 44.55 % of water absorption and 2.73 % of firing shrinkage. This sample were suitable to be produce the ceramic aroma diffuser souvenir it has high porosity and low shrinkage. Keyword - Rice Husk Ash, Ceramic Aroma Diffuser Souvenir, High Porosity Clay Body