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Environment and Security in Assets and Life for Public Park Users Case Study: Benchakitti Parkq

The Propose of this research aim to study about the environment of Benjakiti Park and the opinion of the users in part of life safety and property protection which is reached to the information for the solution of protection and modification for Benjakiti Park. By studied an information of theory of crime control prevention through environment design, theory of Public park design and other standards which are related to this research and studied from the facilities survey and the questionnaire that collected data from 263 peoples who came to Benjakitipark to be reviewed and analyzed to reach for the problems in Benjakiti area. The results of questionnaires analysis and area survey are consistent in the same direction, The Benjakiti user’s opinion is average but also having something that should be solved which are include of the night light for activity area and traffic area, the emergency notification channels and the fencing around swamp Keywords - Public Park, Environment, Security in Assets and Life.