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Economic Impact of Salinity on The Rice Production in Some Selected Coastal Areas of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in Asia due to sea level rise. Salinity intrusion has become a growing problem in the coastal areas of Bangladesh due to sea level rise and coastal flooding whichhas emerged as a major hindrance of crop production in the coastal region. Therefore, this study has assessed the economic impact of salinity on the rice production in some selected coastal areas of Bangladesh. Data is collected by face to face interview form 150 rice growing farmer from three Upazilasunder Patuakhali and Bargunadistrict. Economic impact of salinity has been estimated by cost benefit analysis and comparative analysis among non-saline and saline area for rice production. The result shows that cost of rice production per acre is BDT13930.21 and BDT15480.76 while the return for rice production is BDT37070.74 and BDT34129.67 for non-saline and saline area respectively. It is also found that cost of rice production is 11.13% higher and return is 15.81% lower in saline area compared to non-saline area. However, farmers on an average spend BDT831.93/acre for the reduction of salinity in their land. The estimated BCR (Benefit cost ratio) is found as 2.66 and 2.20 for non-saline area and saline area respectively. Thus, it is crucial to address the problem for sustainable rice production in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Keywords - Economic Impact, Salinity, Rice Production, Benefit And Cost, Coastal Area, Bangladesh