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The Study of ASEAN Community Supplementary Course usage in Social Studies of Thailand

As the date for the commencement of the ASEAN Community in Year 2015 is approaching, it has become apparent to all that there is an urgent need to get Thai people ready to meet the challenge of entering into the Community confidently. The researcher, on behalf of staffs, Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, were aware of importance in preparing the students ’readiness in Basic Education Level in order to step into ASEAN Community in 2015 . So, the researchers conducted research to study the results of using supplementary course under the learning outcome as well as learning management process for supporting the ASEAN Community in social studies for schools in Thailand. The finding of the study were 1) All of students have passed the criteria of passing score as 70 percent of learning outcomes. 2) Teachers have the process of learning management at the high level. Keywords- Supplementary Course, ASEAN Community, Social Studies