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The Influence of The Cost-Brazil in The Direct Investments in The Country from 2012 To 2018

The Cost-Brazil can involve in a big obstacle to the Direct Investment in the Country (IDP) and the growth of the country. This cost is one of the main obstacles for the economic development of the country. This cost refers to rates that makes it difficult to the development and therefore burdens the competitive character that is indispensable in the global economy. The article did a study about the influence of the variable that makes up Cost-Brazil in the direct investment in the country through the last six years. The methodology DMA - Dynamic Model Averaging, that permitted the modeling of the dependent variable IDP in function of other variables in the dynamic form through the years. The found results contribute to verify the assumptions made regarding the components of cost-Brazil and the volume of the Direct Investment in the country. Keywords - Custo-Brazil; Investimento Direto No PAÍS Dynamic Model Averages.