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The IPAD Schizophrenia: UAE Male Studentsí Reflection On The Paradoxes Of Using IPAD In College EFL Classrooms

This paper presents data obtained from focus groups conducted to investigate male studentsí experience of higher education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Among the issues discussed by students was the impact of using iPads in replacement of printed books and this paper focuses on that issue. Thirteen focus groups were conducted with 83 EFL male students at four government campuses including United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) at Al Ain Campus, Higher College of Technology (HCT) at Ras Al-Khaima Campus), and two campuses (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) of Zayed University (ZU). Students acknowledged the paradoxes of using iPads in learning, citing learning and technical issues that influenced their academic motivation to study. The resulting themes from the focus groups show that ineffective iPad use has had an impact on student class performance and in some cases led to class failure. Recommendation for better iPad implementation is suggested to policy makers and instructors to foster a better student-iPad learning experience. Keywords- Mobile Learning, ipad, Focus Groups, Motivation, Self-Efficacy.