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Linear Programming Application For Daily Food Selection

There is an increasing evidence of the critical role of nutrition in overall health, which is encouraging many individuals to think of a healthy diet as a priority. However, eating a healthy diet can be difficult to incorporate into everyone’s daily life, especially under the cost constraints. In this study, we use a mathematical model, called Linear programming (LP) model, to help individuals choose foods they prefer to eat while still meeting their nutritional goals and satisfying different tastes, which can encourage each individual more likely to stick with such a diet plan. The main achievement of LP model is to use a quantitative representation to construct diets which are based on individual’s food preferences, and which are, therefore, more likely to be considered acceptable, but also satisfy general healthy eating guidelines as well as clinical prescriptions. Individuals meet with a nutritionist to create a LP model diet plan which would contain a list of foods they typically eat. The model would then modify the amounts of the foods to be consumed according to each individual’s conditions and needs in order to meet the nutritional requirements. Since nutrition with diet is a concern for many people nowadays, we propose this dietary analysis to any individual who is looking for a healthier life style and to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome while enjoying the delicious food at the same time.