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Effect of Selected Plant Extracts on the Mortality of Red Flour Beetle Tribolium Castaneum (Coleoptera; Tenebrionidae)

Five Indigenous plants extract viz. Mentha longifolia (Mint), Momordica charantia (Bitter Gourd), Luffa aegyptiaca (Sponge Gourd), Carum copticum (Ajowain) and Curcuma longa (Turmeric) were evaluated with concentrations of 25, 50 and 75% to check its mortality effect against Tribolium castaneum after exposure for 10 days. Complete mortality exhibited with Mentha longifolia at 75% dosage followed by Momordica charantia (90%), Luffa aegyptiaca (86.67%), Carum copticum (83.33%). Minimum mortality was shown by Curcuma longa (80%). The natural plant extracts can prove the best alternatives to chemicals. Key words - Tribolium castaneum; Plant extracts; Mortality; Red Flour beetle