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Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Effect of Atmospheric Icing on the Generated Power of Wind Turbines

Wind energy industry is expanding in many countries at large scale especially in cold regions where other resources, like solar energy, are limited. Atmospheric icing presents serious challenges to the development of wind power in the wind energy industry; these challenges include excessive vibration and output power loss. As ice loading becomes one of the important overall general loadings on wind turbines, it should be considered, in certain cold regions, as a major threat to be taken care of the fatigue and internal stresses issue, and also as fundamental structural load. Computational fluid Dynamics analysis has been conducted to investigate the effect of atmospheric icing on the generated power for the 5-MW wind turbine blades. Remarkable reduction in the output power was reported as a result of the change of geometry of the blade for both cases of regular and irregular icing profiles. Keywords - Wind turbine; CFD; Atmospheric icing; Wind energy