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Teaching or Preaching- Work Life Balance: Study of Private Universities

Concept of Work life balance has seen an accelerated growth in the recent past but is the “concept” actually practiced by all organizations; the current study aims to frame relationship between the teachings and actual policies that promote WLB in the educational institutes. Work life balance signifies the extent to which on employee experiences feeling fulfilled and having his or her needs met in the both work and non-works facets of life. Through experiencing greater work life balance, individuals report feeling better in general (e.g. greater job and life satisfaction) and tend to behave in favorable ways (e.g. lower turnover). Historically, the influx of women in workplace jumpstarted research into how female employee could successfully care for families while working, but today work life balance is discussed with respect to multiple affected groups (e.g. men, single parents) and main reason behind of is imbalance work-life are stress, productivity and less motivation. Stress is a universal element and persons from nearly every walk of life have to face stress. Stress can have negative impact on both employee as well as organization. So organization should try as much as possible to bullied a work environment that attracts retain and motivation for the employee so it is imperative that the organization realize the importance of good working environment that helps them work comfortable and increase organization productivity thus job security too and this study impacts upon the future performance of organization by taking working environment more seriously which increases the motivation and commitment label of their employee. Keywords - Motivation, Productivity, Stress and Work life balance