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Business Ethics And Business Growth In Malaysia Halal Industry: Does Firm Size Matter?

The growth of any business organizatiosn depend on its comprehensive ethical code of conduct set to guide both management and employee in its daily activities. ... Consequently, business ethics is a solution for business growth. If well communicated and directed on the road to the fundamental value of the business entities will lead to economic growth. The main issue faced by them is(Vitell, Dickerson, & Festervand, 2000) is ethical conduct in the small business have impact on the business success. This study is aimed to investigate whether business ethics has impact on the growth of a small business organisation as there are paucity of studies regarding business ethics. The quantitative method will be adopted and a survey is the instrument to be used. Several interview will also be used to support the output gathered. The anticipated result will be business ethics are important to ensure business growth an any size of business organisations.