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Dynamic Strategic Model of Standards Innovation and the Improvement of Quality of Human Life

The dynamic strategic model of standards innovation (DSMSI) I am proposing here can be defined as a long term development plan to improve the quality of human life through innovation of standards of products and services offered in the market. The focus is on those standards that improve condition, processes, products and services utilized in poor societies with the aim of improving the quality of life of people and their societies. Standards like any development instrument can bring either development or underdevelopment to people, depending on how they are formulated, imposed and enforced. This means, if we want to bring development to people, then a good strategic management of standards must be recognized. Good standards must be designed reflecting the actual situation on the ground of a developing society in need. Actually, developing countries are supposed to design dynamic standards that change in relation to the changes of quality of human life, rather than having static standards that never change in time. This is the reason why this paper discusses the DSMSI to ensure a better strategic management of standards, preventing over expectation that in reality cannot be achieved when enforcing a standard. This will make a standard innovation inspire development processes, making technicians and technocrats strive for further achievement, instead of despair. Three are the most important subject matters to be discussed here: 1) the setting of dynamic standards, 2) the communication of a standard to stakeholders, 3) the evaluation and control of achievements of a standard. Keywords - Standard innovation strategic management human life