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Self Regulatory Drug Transport: An Intelligent Drug Delivery System

Main objectives of any pharmaceutical scientist is to develop drug delivery systems that is safe, effective, stable, having good patient compliance and fulfill the requirements of customers. This lead to a great interest of research to develop the drug delivery system that will enabled to supply drug “on-demand” basis. These “stimuli-responsive and intelligent” systems have been designed to deliver the drug on various times or at various sites in the body, according to a stimulus that is either endogenous or externally applied. Various physicochemical principles and chemical schemes have been applied by researchers to get release pattern of drug as per requirement of body. Such devices can be used for intelligent drug delivery needed for the treatment of many diseases like diabetes. These type of intelligent system firstly sense the signals caused by disease judge the magnitude of signals and then release the drug in direct response. In this article we have discuss various innovations in the field of self regulatory drug delivery Systems. Keywords - Intelligent Drug delivery System, Self Regulatory, Drug Delivery Systems,