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Mathematical Modelling on Peristaltic Transport of Jeffery Fluid Under The Effects of Variable Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity in a Porous Tube with Convective Boundary Conditions

The present paper investigates the effects of slip, variable viscosity, variable thermal conductivity, and convective boundary conditions on peristaltic transport of Jeffery fluid in an inclined porous tube. The viscosity of the fluid varies across the thickness of the fluid, and the temperature-dependent thermal conductivity is taken into account. The resulting governing equations are solved using long wavelength and small Reynolds number approximations. The closed-form solutions are obtained for velocity, flow rate, temperature, pressure rise and frictional force when subjected to slip and convective boundary conditions. The analysis reveals quite an interesting and substantial influence of variable viscosity onpressure rise and frictional force. The study further reveals that an increase in the Biot number decreases the magnitude of temperature. Keywords- Viscosity, thermal conductivity, Darcy number, Slip parameters, Inclination.